Re-buy Tournaments

Unlike a Freeze-Out tournament in which you are eliminated once you’ve lost your chips, a Re-buy tournament allows you the opportunity to purchase more chips for an allotted time. This allows for more excitement and bigger prize pools.

There is generally a re-buy period for the first hour of the tournament although it may vary. Players may re-buy chips should they have lost all their chips or have less than they did when the tournament originally started. Eligibility of re-buys may vary depending on the tournament.

Re-buy tournaments typically have an add-on period at the end of the rebuy stage. Although this may vary, players may usually add on for the same amount of chips they started with. Generally add-ons are offered to everybody regardless of size of stack. Once the add-on period is over players can no longer buy-in or re-buy into the event.

The final prize pool will remain undetermined until all re-buy and add-ons are complete. Please read the re-buy rules of the tournament in the “Tournament Lobby” before playing as rules may vary depending on the tournament.

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