We’ve pumped up the action and the pots at Fabulous Poker!

We’ve given our players a special option to evoke a ‘third big blind’ by straddling the blinds. This third blind gives players exciting games where pots get bigger as the action gets wild. When sitting at a straddle table you’ll see a check box at the bottom right of the screen. Simply check the box before you’re in the ‘under the gun’ position and you’ll straddle will be placed directly to the left of the blinds.

The straddle is twice the cost of the existing big blind , and is an option reserved for the player after the big blind.  For example if you are playing a 1-2 NL Texas Hold’em cash game you would straddle for $4. You would then be the last to act pre-flop. It’s a great position to walk into pocket aces! You get to re-raise the entire table thanks to your little gamble!