All-In-Or-Fold Tournaments


Poker is a game. It’s meant to be played.

You better not blink when you play the All In Or Fold Tournaments, because these games are fast, loose and – above everything else – extremely fun.

How did these tournaments get their name?

A player has only two options preflop: Go all-in or fold. No checking. No calling.

Despite their simple structure, these events take skill. A keen understanding of which hands to push pre flop is the edge that you have but as we all know when your chips are in the middle, anything can happen. Position also plays a major role in which cards you should play.

One thing you need to know: There will always be a big blind and a small blind, so sometimes a player will automatically have to put all-in.

Ready for a change of pace? Join us for our fast, fun and wild All In Or Fold Tournaments.